A Merry Jewish Christmas

3M & 2W
Running Time: 
80 min.

David Bernstein has finally decided to introduce his family to his long-time boyfriend during their annual tradition of celebrating Chanukah on Christmas Eve. But the family doesn't know that his boyfriend isn't Jewish. Or that David is even gay. Or that they have a Christmas tree hiding in the bedroom. And to make matters worse, the Chinese place is out of egg rolls. A MERRY JEWISH CHRISTMAS is an alternative holiday comedy about how complicated families can be and how absolutely necessary they are. 

  • Collin College (Dallas, TX)
    directed by Brad Baker
  • Bailiwick Rep. (Chicago, IL)
    directed by Jeremy Weschler
  • Reading @ Rattlestick Theatre (New York, NY)
    directed by Jen Bender
  • Staged Reading @ Chicago Dramatists (Chicago, IL)
    directed by Jessi Hill

Christmas Eve and Chanukah overlap in this comedy... 

Chicago Sun-Times: 10 Really Cool Things To Do 
#3 - Happy Christmaskah!


Josh Levine's sparkling comedy, A MERRY JEWISH CHRISTMAS, won audience's heart when it premiered last season...

Chicago Sun-Times

Josh Levine combines the best of two holidays into a gay-themed comedy that hopes to be family-friendly in a new way.

Chicago Tribune

Josh Levine’s story of David Bernstein as directed by Jeremy Weschler, is a cozy little tale of the collage of outbursts, henpecking, unconditionally loving criticism and unveiling of black sheep after sheep that holiday family gatherings so unfailingly generate...Lighthearted, witty and ever-moving forward to one antic after another, it has all the yummy humor of a screwball comedy without the overkill aftertaste of an excessively fried latke. Surely a treat for all, Goyim or not.

CenterStage Chicago

Now in its second year, A Merry Jewish Christmas is a cute holiday show for those of us who are tired of all the sappy Christmas plays. Playwright Josh Levine knows how to make a lightweight comedy work. He wisely gets close to pat situations and stereotypical characters but never crosses the line. Instead his play, A MERRY JEWISH CHRISTMAS, works fine as a comedy that explores wondrous and complicated family life. This show contains a surprising number of belly laughs...This clever plotted show is a blend of family comedy, suspenseful drama with a few surprises. When being Jewish is more important than being gay, playwright Levine presents enough screwball humor to melt away those extra pounds that holiday treats seem to produce on us. I enjoyed this well crafted show. Thank God it isn’t another Dickens play! Recommended.

Chicago Stage Talk Radio/Chicago Critic

It is a treasure of a great blend of family humor and the drama that makes families so wonderful and complicated. Betty gives it a “two thumbs up”!

Metra Online