AIR @ Orlando GLBT Center

As part of the reading series Queer Quills, my play, AIR, will be read at the Orlando Center (946 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, FL) this Sunday, August 2nd @ 7pm

More info: Kangagirl Productions and Heidi Dog Productions have resurrected their popular playreading series. Listen to GLBT classics and new works read and directed by some of Central Florida’s finest talent without the trappings of props, costumes, and sets. In the homey comfort of The Center, it’s like watching a play in your own living room! Each reading is followed by an informal chat over refreshments. Readings are the first Sunday of every other month at 7pm. Proceeds from a suggested donation of $5 benefit The Center.

Cast: Nate Bartman, Samantha O'Hare, and Scottie Campbell

This reading would not be possible without the support of John DiDonna, John Sullivan, and Micheal Vance.

HALLELUJAH @ Bakerloo Theater Project

My ten-minute play, HALLELUJAH, is going to be performed Friday, July 31st and Saturday, August 1st as part of Bakerloo Theatre Projects's The Story Project. I, along with three other writers, were asked to write short plays based on or inspired by a short story by an American writer. I chose Kate Chopin's "The Story Of An Hour."

More info: The Story Project a collection of new plays from American short stories conceived and curated by William Addis and Ryan Howe


...there seemed to be a gentle stir arising over everything for the mere sake of subsidence- a very premonition of rest and hush and night

Sewanee Writers Conference 2009

Just returned from the Sewanee Writers Conference where I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Lee Blessing and Dan O'Brien, among many new playwright friends. It took a while to adjust to the schedule of eating breakfast, going to a lecture, eating lunch, going to workshop, going to a reading, going to have a drink, going to eat dinner, going to another reading, and ending the night with yet another drink. This boy is used to getting in bed at 11pm with "The Nanny," but once I got the hang out it, I was able to be (somewhat) productive. I look forward to applying again next year (come on, fellowship! come on, scholarship! no whammies aaaaaand STOP!), but I'm sure it won't compare to the fun I had this year. Just cause it'll be different. As it should be.

Goodbye Vermont

So my time at Northern Stage has come to an end, and it's not going to be easy to come back to NY. I have made a whole slew of new friends at the theater and also with many of the actors and directors who joined us for the last two weeks of the project. Working with those kids was, without a doubt, the best job I've ever had. I hope to find more teaching opportunities like that, but I have a feeling, they are very, very rare.

Bakerloo Theatre Story Project

My friend William Addis, who runs the Bakerloo Theatre Project in upstate New York, just asked me to write a short play either adapted from or inspired by an American author, and the first person that pops in my head is Zora Neal Hurston, but I don't know if she wrote any short stories. I guess I'll go find out. And Mark Twain, of course. We'll see. There's nothing more exciting than being asked to write for something. It definitely lights the fire under the tush.

LOST PERSONS is a Great Plains Theater Conference Finalist

LOST PERSONS has been selected for a Play Lab at the 2009 Great Plains Theatre Conference, but unfortunately, due to timing (and funds) I will not be able to participate. But it is good to know that other people are responding to the play - in a good way, of course. I'll definitely apply again next year.

Northern Stage Playwright-In-Residence

Today I begin my residency as a playwright/teacher with Northern Stage Theater Company for their Project Playwright 2009 program. I'll be going around to 10 Vermont and New Hampshire schools teaching playwriting to 5th and 6th graders, as well as selecting finalists for Project Playwright 2009.