TV & Film

Writers Assistant | Playing House (USA Network)

  • Took down room notes and organized content for end-of-day delivery.
  • Transcribed improvs into Final Draft script format.
  • Digital research for writers in and out of the room.
  • Proofread drafts before sent to Studio/Network.
  • Organized and setup script revisions for staff.

Producer | The New 35 (short film)

  • Worked with writer and director on the script to clarify story and tone.
  • Worked with director to organize principal shooting.
  • Worked with writer, director, and post-production team to finalize editing, sound, score, and color correction.

Co-Creator | Extras On the Strip (web series)

  • Inspired by the HBO Documentary "Hookers at the Point," EXTRAS ON THE STRIP is a web series that dives into the trials and tribulations of extras working in the entertainment industry on the Hollywood Strip.
  • Created, shot and edited with partner Leslie Korein.

Social Media P.A. | Playing House (USA Network)

  • Created, shot and edited comedic short videos to help generate buzz and promote the show
  • Wrote content (posts, tweets) for various social media platforms
  • Worked on set with talent and production to create original content
  • Coordinated with the network marketing to ensure that content be delivered on schedule

Writers P.A. | Orange Is the New Black (Temp)

  • Ran errands and coordinated coffees and lunch for the Executive Producers and the writers room
  • Provided administrative support to the Executive Producers and the writers room